Name Minecraft Advanced (also named King's Mods)
Creator kingbdogz
Modify/Add Item, Blocks, Mobs, Recipes
Needs Mod Loader, 303's spawnlist
Up to Date NO

Minecraft Advanced is a mod which add lot of features in minecraft, originally based on a new kind of obsidian tools, this mod take a new way with new ideas for minecraft:

Essential Advanced ToolsEdit

Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Obsidian Chunks Obsidian
Crafting squareCrafting squareCrafting square Crafting squareInv ObsidianCrafting square Crafting squareCrafting squareCrafting square Craft Arrow Rec Obsidian Chunk x4
Used to create Obsidian Tools and Obsidian Armor
Hammer Stick + Cobblestone
Crafting squareInv CobblestoneCrafting square Crafting squareInv StickInv Stick Crafting squareCrafting squareCrafting square Craft Arrow Rec Hammer
Used to combine two relatively common items together to create one extremely powerful one.

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